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Surrey Movers agree with you that moving is not a pleasant event. Definitely, moving large pieces of furniture is also one of the most difficult parts of moving furniture. One of the side-effects that will be created in your mind is how you can move large pieces of furniture.

Sometimes they are so big and heavy that you have to use a power tail gate on the day of move. If you are about to move study this article. In this article, we will explain the basic techniques that our Surrey Movers use for moving furniture more easily.

Your best choice for moving furniture can be hiring of a reputable and expert Surrey Movers. If you can afford to relocate, working with expert Surrey Movers will definitely help you a lot.

If you want to do it yourself it would be better to join our surrey movers to provide you with some tips.

Heavy furniture moving techniques of Surrey Movers

Surrey movers recommend you first separate the pieces of furniture if possible. Most large pieces of furniture are made in such a way that the pieces are connected with bolts and nuts.

Remove the mattresses on the furniture. Be sure to use shrink wrap to pack them because they may get dirty during transportation.

Based on experience of our Surrey Movers properly packing of all furniture is required. Furniture packaging will help you a lot in this regard.

If your furniture has parts such as drawers or cupboards, be sure to empty all items inside.

Thoroughly clean the path from which you are going to remove the furniture. Nothing should block your way. By doing this, you will be able to easily rotate and lift the furniture.

Our Surrey Movers suggest you be sure to be careful when lifting furniture.

Use a strong belt so that your back is not hurt. Use the correct methods of lifting loads from the ground.

Measure the dimensions of the furniture. Also measure the aisle and doors where you need to move furniture.

If you still can’t get the furniture out of the house by removing the pieces, it’s a good idea to keep removing the pieces from each other.

Our Surrey Movers recommends you to cover the corners of the furniture well with a pad. This not only does not damage the corners of the furniture, but also the wall when the furniture hits the wall.

Use sturdy straps. It can be very helpful in bearing the weight of your furniture.

moving company’ important points in moving furniture

Note that steel furniture cannot be dismantled. Some models of comfortable furniture also can’t be separated. As a result, when buying furniture, keep in mind that depending on your space, choose the dimensions of the furniture.

Proper packaging of furniture will definitely have a tremendous effect on making it healthier in your new home.

If you have residential or commercial move locally or long-distance contact our Surrey Movers.

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