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Richmond movers believe that easy moving of household items is not a dream, but sometimes it is easy peasy if we know how to make the right decisions during difficult situations and do our best to pack and move items. One of the most difficult things to do in moving is packing mattresses. Of course, it’s hard for you to imagine how you can pack and carry a mattress that is large and heavy.

If you have a soft pillow and mattress on which you rest at night and see your sweetest dreams, and if you like your mattress and when you wake up in the morning, you are completely ready to go to work and study. it is better to take your mattress with you in your move. In fact, it is the mattress that can arrange a bed, or every time someone says that your bed is comfortable, it actually means that the mattress is comfortable.

If you are planning to pack and move your bed mattress, look for simple but practical and proven tips, we as one of local Richmond movers help you decide how to pack and carry your mattress, and how to pack a mattress to move. Our Richmond movers provide you with valuable tips, so please just join us.

Richmond movers and Easy mattress moving

High quality mattresses are not only valuable but also very expensive. And that’s exactly why you want to make sure you fully protect your expensive asset during move. If you want to have an easy and hassle-free move and a completely simple but practical method for packing mattresses and other household items, our Richmond movers are ready to advise you.

The first task before you is to choose your favorite option.

Basically, you can choose up to 5 options:

1- Transfer your mattress to your new home.

Our Richmond movers suggest you if your mattress is a good brand or a relatively new mattress or if you have kept it in very good condition, then there is no reason to don’t take it with you. It is easier for you to move it to your new place of residence.

2- Put your mattress in its storage.

There are many reasons why you decide to put your mattress in a storage area for a certain period of time. To learn the best way to pack a mattress and keep it easy to carry, read the following.

3- Easy mattress and cargo sale

Mattresses are special pieces of furniture and usually have a much higher value than your other items. This decision is an unusual decision if you decide to sell it, but if you have to do it, then it is better to do it. This will help you to easily carry other items if you have a better shopping opportunity.

4. Donate it

If your mattress is in good condition, you can give it to a close friend or family member who may need a good mattress. In addition to making your friends and loved ones happy, you can do so at transportation costs. You can save money.

5. Dump it

If your mattress has served you for many years and you have used it before, but it is in a bad condition at the moment and is not suitable for carrying and moving, our Richmond movers’ suggestion to throw it away and when you get to the new house, Buy a new and healthy mattress. This is the best option in such situations. By doing this, you will reduce the cost of easy transportation and you will also have a new mattress in your new home.

Richmond movers teach you how to pack a mattress

The best way to protect a mattress for easy and safe transportation is to make sure that the packing is very suitable for safe transportation.

Follow the steps below to prepare your mattress for easy moving:

Step 1:

Remove any blankets or sheets from the bed

And take out your mattress and lift it and make sure the mattress is completely dry.

Mattress protective covers

Step 2:

Our Richmond movers’ suggestion is to buy a mattress bag from different companies or a specialized furniture store.

There are mattress bags in different types and sizes, so make sure your bag is made of thick polyethylene.

It is quite suitable for packing your mattress for easier loading. When inside such a durable plastic protector, your mattress is well protected from dirt, dust, moisture and pests.

Step 3:

Our Richmond movers recommend you carefully check your mattress once again, according to the warning signs and place it gently in the mattress bag. Then pack the mattress holder bag with wide, high-quality adhesive tape and make sure that no part of the mattress is out and completely protected.

Step 4:

Be careful when removing your mattress from the house, especially when loading it in the furniture truck. The mattress is very large and usually heavy, so you need to be extra careful when moving it through narrow corridors, sharp corners, downstairs or loading in a truck.

Step 5:

Based on our Richmond movers experience your mattress should be one of the first items to be loaded into a moving truck. Regardless of exactly how you put it in the protective bag or in the correct, smooth or folded way, make sure that every movement is well protected during transportation. For easier loading, do not place anything else on top of it.

Richmond movers tell you how to pack a mattress in its bag

To prepare your mattress for packaging and storage to be placed in a storage unit, follow the steps for packing the mattress from steps 1 to 4 above.

Step 5:

It is important to check that the bag is completely dry before doing anything. It has enough air circulation and there is no way to contaminate the mattress. Richmond movers state that to provide the best coverage for your mattress and the rest of your valuable, property in an easy and safe cargo, it is best to choose a storage unit under climate control

Step 6:

How to place your mattress in the storage space is essential for its safety. You should never bend your protected mattress because they are not strong enough to withstand significant weight and structural damage will be visible soon. Instead, always keep your mattress flat.

Our Richmond movers recommend you It is better not to pack other items with your valuable mattress, but if you absolutely have to do it, make sure these items are relatively light and evenly distributed.

If you are looking for local movers in Richmond BC and you need help packing and moving your mattress we as one of the professional Richmond movers are ready to serve you for easy and safe shipping methods.