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Nanaimo movers believe that one of the most important parts of a move is the packing of sensitive items and furniture. Nanaimo movers pay special attention at this stage. Of course, women are very sensitive to delicate and fragile items in their homes, and this is very natural. As a result, it is important to take care of your stuff so that it can be safely transported by Nanaimo movers. In order to make the equipment healthier in the new place, we must be familiar with the most correct method of packing sensitive assets. Also, be careful when using tools and techniques to do the right thing.

In this article, our Nanaimo movers have stated the most important and necessary points in packing sensitive items and furniture. So join us.

Nanaimo movers tips for packing sensitive appliances

Choosing small moving boxes can be a ideal choice for packing sensitive stuff, because these boxes are much easier to carry. On the other hand, the items in the boxes will be less shaky. Never use thin boxes. These boxes may not be the right choice for you. We have to use very thick moving boxes. Second-hand boxes are also not a good choice for packing sensitive items.

You need to make sure the boxes are strong. Be sure to cover the bottom of the boxes with one or two extra layers. This will help increase the strength of the boxes.

Before placing these items in boxes, be sure to pack them. To pack these items, it is best to use the following packing supplies:

  • Packing paper or waste paper
  • Impact foam
  • Use towels or cloth.

Try to fill the space between the items in the box with mentioned packing supplies.

 Put heavier items at the bottom of the box.

Place the items in the box, from large to small, in order. In this way, smaller items are protected by larger items and are not crushed or broken during moving.

Other tips on how Nanaimo Movers pack sensitive furniture

For packing of sensitive stuff, Nanaimo movers suggest you separate the items inside the box with cardboard or the appropriate packing supplies, or you can use special moving boxes.

Nanaimo movers recommend you fill your empty breakable items such as glasses, Bowls with wrapping paper, so that they do not vibrate during moving.

Pack each item separately. Nanaimo movers say that any breakable and decorative items must be packed individually based on:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • And type of material

The finest items, such as china, should be wrapped in wrapping paper and secured with adhesive tape and then put them in smaller and relatively thicker boxes. Nanaimo movers for safety reasons, wrap fragile items with packing paper and a large amount of adhesive tape to secure them. The adhesive tape holds the packages tighter and prevents them from opening during move.

Nanaimo mover put labels on breakable boxes

You must label all breakable boxes clearly. Try to use labels that are very eye-catching for these packages. Put the breakable boxes in one place and ask the Nanaimo mover to be more careful in carrying them. Nanaimo movers suggest you to be patient and take more time to pack sensitive items. Pack items carefully and patiently, because you may suffer a lot of damage due to a small mistake on the day of the move. It is a good idea to ask the experienced Nanaimo mover to help you pack more sensitive stuff.

You can contact our Nanaimo mover to pack sensitive furniture. Vancouver Super Moving Company as one of the reliable Nanaimo movers provides you with packing services for fragile items. It also provides you with all the furniture packing supplies.