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moving suggestion: Adhering to the moving recommendations is one of the most important and fundamental points, that helps you move without any hassle. Moving on to a new place can be fun, but the stress and worries of moving things will greatly worry you.

There are some things to consider before and after moving. We assume that there is at least four weeks to a day of move. Hence we mention some of the most important steps that must be taken before and after the move.

Tips before moving suggestion

The key question is “Where do I start?” The tips you need to follow before moving on are:

1- Selecting the time of move

Try choosing the right time to move your possession to your new home. This can include selecting:





Even a moving clock.

This depends on:

Contract completion time

Readiness of new home

And other related things. So you need a comprehensive plan to choose the best time. Make a list of these factors and choose an ideal time.

Moving Recommendations in Choosing of the Relocation Method

Choosing the appropriate way to move is one of the most important moving tips. Moving your stuff can be done in two ways:

By yourself

By moving companies

If you want to choose a moving company, we recommend the best moving company based on: quality of the services they render, their price, accountability and …

Keep in mind that choosing the best moving company will guarantee your success. The booking of the moving company must be made prior to your move. Check out that they will arrive on the desired day. You also need to specify the amount of budget you will need to move.

Moving tips to start packing

Another moving tip is about packaging. It’s time to make the right packaging. Slowly start packing your furniture. The to-do list helps you identify and prepare the number of packaging items. Keep packages tight and tidy as this will make carrying them easier. To do this you need to use:

• corrugated boxes

• Bubble cushioning wrap paper, blankets, and plastic as bumpers

• Carton sealing tape

• Sticker and a marker to mark.

Other packaging recommendations are in box labeling. By doing this, you will not be confused when you open the boxes.

Transfer of unpacked items

Pack your items as far as you can, but some items may not be packaged. You can move these items to a new home before moving day. If their size is small, you can do this with your own car. There are also some expensive or personal items. You should not place it next to other items in the truck. Carry these items yourself. On the day you move, your mind is fully engaged, so you are very likely to forget such things.

Imagine a new home

One of our recommendations before moving is the imagination of new home decoration. Determine the location of the items before moving them. So at the time of furnishing you know where the big sofa or the picture and … should be placed. Also you can guide movers well. You’ll see how much easier it is for you to set up equipment afterwards. Otherwise, furniture arrangement can take a lot of time and energy.

Tips and Advice on Moving Day

If you have followed the above moving tips before you started moving, you will have less trouble during your move. One of the most important concerns at this time is to forget about packing or leaving some of them after moving the furniture to your new home. But if you have already spent enough time for packing, you probably won’t have such problems. Our tips and advice will help you during your move:

Choosing the right truck

One of the important things to keep in mind is the vehicle by which your stuffs will be moved. Nowadays, trucks of different sizes are used. The size of the truck depends on the size of your belongings. Contact your moving company. One of the characteristic of a best moving company is that by taking a look to your stuff they choose the right vehicle for you.

Say goodbye

Leaving home may be difficult for some people, but you need to control your emotions. The excitement of living in a new home with new decorations and the purchase of new furniture and so on can help ease your discomfort. You have to be strong so that other family members are eagerly pursuing the move.

Post-Move recommendations

Our post-Move recommendations can also help you get better layouts and get things done.

1- How to open the boxes

moving suggestion: How to unlock boxes is one of our recommendations after moving. Before you jump in and open the boxes in a random way, make sure everything is on your list. If the box or device is missed, let the movers know. Once you are sure, open the boxes on a predetermined plan to avoid confusion. Identify your needs and open the boxes accordingly. If you are in need of a good rest now, get a bed first. If you need a good meal, open the kitchen items and …

Where to start the layout

moving suggestion: Our recommendation is to first set up your bedroom after you move in. You need rest after doing the hard work of furnishing. So the more comfortable your bed is are, the more comfortable you are. You do not have to put all your bedroom accessories on arrival. It is enough for your bed to be for a comfortable sleep. Then, take the bathroom, because you and your family need a warm shower to relieve fatigue. Then comes the layout of the necessary kitchen utensils. Certainly you need a good meal or a cool drink if it’s summer in the summer or a hot drink like a coffee during the winter time.

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