piano moving in Vancouver

Those who deal with a variety of musical instruments, musicians and
artists know that the piano is a more sensitive instrument than any other
instrument in the luxury goods basket. Certainly small instrument such as
guitars or triplets are easily accessible by the owner, but the story of the
piano is a bit different and requires more specialized piano handling.

Experience has shown that if there is a piano in your home or
office that you intend to relocate, it is best not to hand it over to people
whose job is to carry ordinary, insensitive cargoes. Do not treat your piano
like other bulky items, as other issues besides being heavy should also be
considered when moving the piano.

Many people think that a piano can easily be moved by using a few
unskilled workers who only have high physical strength, but that’s not all, and
it’s interesting to know that it’s not the most important thing in moving upright and
grand piano
. Rather, it’s how to lift and move, and this requires
special expertise, given the variety of appearance, which is why you should not
use non-specialists to move a piano.

For example, the asymmetrical shape of a Royal Piano requires
special techniques to be used to moving it, and of course, if the essential and
specialized points are not taken into account during its move, it can have
serious financial consequences. Remember, piano
require skill, patience, which must be taken into account over

professional piano movers

There may be a lot of things happening to non-specialists when it
comes to pianos, which can impose high and sometimes irreparable costs on the
piano owner. The person who owns this expensive device has a great
responsibility to care for and maintain his or her health, so one must consider
that piano moving in addition to high physical strength requires technical
knowledge, appropriate tools and trained and professional
 piano movers
in the field of loading and unloading.

Proper piano moving doesn’t
just mean moving from house to house. Sometimes the piano can only be moved
into the room it used to be, which still requires professional
piano movers
to perform it. That is, even moving the piano awkwardly for a few meters can damage a
sensitive device.

The most important thing during piano moving
is to keep in mind when g is piano stands, as they are very likely to break
during move, and one of the stands may be unwittingly stuck somewhere on the
floor and broken by force. Or, how important it is to get the body of a piano
for lifting is important because if it is removed from a body that does not
have the strength needed to lift it will likely cause serious damage to the

Keep in mind that the whole issue of piano
is not limited to how to lift or how to move it from one
place to another, sometimes depending on the distance, location, origin and
destination, loading and unloading conditions, or transportation (terrestrial).
Professional piano movers must pack and
secure it before taking any action to start the piano
. How it is packaged and prepared to move to a new location is
subject to varying conditions. Palletizing, making special boxes, screws, and
many different ways of packing and securing the piano.

So remember, the great thing about your piano is that you don’t
have to “move your piano” to a new location and use specialist
companies with a wealth of experience.

We are specialized in upright piano moving,
grand Pianos moving including grand Baby,
Medium Grand, Parlour Grand and concert grand.

Piano moving cost

The cost of piano moving
depends on:

  • The number and height of stairs
  • The presence of difficult turns and doorways;
  • The type of piano;
  • The distance between the two places.
  • Whether it moved to upstairs or downstairs

Usually, 2 to 4professional piano movers are needed for a move, depending on a
type of the piano. Vancouver Super Moving Company provides both local piano moving and long
distance piano moving

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