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First write down a list of tasks to do, keeping the order and timing as well as the equipment to be moved, then begin the packing process.

 After packing the items and putting them in the boxes, count them so that there is no box left.

On each box when the packaging is completed, a sticker containing a list of the items inside it is attached, and if the items inside are breakable, the word red, as well as where they belong, are bold. Write on the box or label. This way, each box will be placed in the indicated space as soon as it is moved to a new location. In this way, order becomes more and more rapid in the environment.

In order to prevent the carpet from getting dirty and especially its roots when moving, first place the fabric in the root so that the root lies between the two layers of fabric, then cloth with the cloth. Pipe. Finally, if you have another large fabric available, wrap it around the carpet.

Clean the inside of each drawer and lounge and scrub it regularly. Then place the drawer containing the items in the large, thick trash bag. Tighten the plastic with glue to prevent stuffing out (use two trash bags if the drawer is large).

When moving, wooden appliances with angled corners such as desks are more prone to damage. So for the care of such woodwork, first cover the corners with bubble wrap or even plain plastic or newspaper, then place another layer of thick cardboard on the front cover. Use tight tape for this purpose.

When applying adhesive tape to tighten protective coatings for accessories, be careful not to touch the surface of the wood accessories directly.

Use tailor-made newspapers, textiles or plastic to prevent any damage to the paint and coating of the chairs and base of the chairs and furniture in general. Wrap them in several layers around the desired location.

You can also use your home cotton clothes to pack breakable trash. This will show you a double arrow.

If your furniture has a laminate, cover all the sofas with their own laminate and then carry.

Don’t just fill big boxes with books and other heavy equipment like this because it will be very difficult for shippers to carry, so fill half with books and half with other trash.

Learn what to pack: Rope, thick cardboard boxes of different sizes (you can buy these at retail stores such as supermarkets), plastic or fruit boxes, Cloth, staple tape, staples, stickers, straps, bubble wrap plastics, scrap newspapers, coarse black or red and blue need red for packaging.

There is no option but to move plants, especially large and heavy pots, but in the case of small pots, you can set them up in a solid cardboard, wooden, or plastic box. Inside each pot, dip the wood into the tallest tall plant. Then place a large or thin plastic garbage bag on the surface of the crater and sides of the box as well as wooden bases immersed in pots and tighten with glue (leave pores to breathe).

Carry pendants with the same piece of clothing in a large plastic wrap or wrap around a bed.

To carry audio and video accessories, use special boxes or another box tightly packed in sensitive areas, such as a TV glass or computer monitor, and carry your personal vehicle where possible.

Carry expensive items like gold, money, silver, rugs as well as fractures if possible or personal vehicle.

Before moving to a new location, clean it thoroughly, then spray it. This will combat any possible insects.

Make sure you have the essentials you need during toys and shift days, such as clothing, hygiene, and more.

Before packing, wash or clean appliances. Of course, this should also be done again in the new location for utensils, cups, mirrors, crystals and the like.

If you still hold the boxes of any breakable items, in the packing phase, first wrap them in a cloth, newspaper or plastic wrap, then put them in their special box. Otherwise by tightly packing each of them individually, you will eventually put them all together in a large box.

Before attaching the accessories to the cardboard boxes, make sure they are tight.

 The more you pack in breakable items, the better your deliverables will be.

Wrap breakable shards in cloth or newspaper and use freezer-lined plastic containers as boxes.

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When picking up accessories, inside any box, especially cardboard, consider the weight of the box by the box and its connections so that there is no problem moving. (You can use wider tape to tighten the cardboard box fittings).