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Moving companies North Vancouver BC believes that there is a possibility of any accident in moving furniture, even if we have used the strictest security measures or we have received help from reputable Moving companies North Vancouver BC. However, accidents, especially in moving furniture are an inevitable process.

But the important thing is that we are prepared to face any kind of problem. One of our most important steps in this direction is professional packing.

Packing, especially when it is done by reliable Moving companies North Vancouver BC, helps us to stay calm even in the most difficult stages of relocation, and we can be sure that our belongings will be safe and secure. Not surprisingly, most moving companies pack their goods as soon as the day of the move is announced.

Packing of home’s furniture for a moving day should be organized and well prepared as a whole process and the packing must be accomplished a few days before the day of move. The process of packing your home appliances as a general project is divided into different and smaller projects.

One of the most important things in packing your belongings is to pack your pictures, regardless of whether they are hanging on the walls of your home or on the shelves.

Maybe you have a variety of pictures such as paintings, carpets pictures and sensitive and expensive mirrors. You don’t want them to be harmed during moving furniture. So join us and use Moving companies North Vancouver BC tips on packing sensitive and breakable items.

Moving companies North Vancouver BC teach you how to pack picture and Mirrors

Moving companies North Vancouver BC suggests you before packing your pictures and mirrors; you need to provide some proper packing supplies to make the packing of sensitive items faster and safer. Here are some things you need to know:

Cardboard boxes

Suitable sizes or special boxes (ideally): You can contact the Moving companies North Vancouver BC to bring you the moving boxes. You can also get second-hand boxes for free to save money, but make sure they are in excellent condition – sturdy, dry and clean.

Wrapping paper:

 You need a lot of clean and soft wrapping paper, large sheets of bubble wrap for packing, high quality wide packing adhesive tape and tags and marker.

Moving companies North Vancouver BC and how to pack pictures when moving

From the moment you get the materials and supplies you need to pack photos, pictures, drawings and mirrors, you can be sure of the safety of your frame parts for shipping and handling and furniture. Moving companies North Vancouver BC recommends you follow the logical and sequential steps below to pack photo and image frames as well as mirrors:

  1. Take a large sheet of wrapping paper, place it on the floor or on a suitable table that is large enough so that you can easily pack even the largest picture you have for packing.
  2. Then, place the pictures right in the middle of the sheet with its image and place it exactly as you would cover a loved one. Whenever necessary, completely cover the entire frame.
  3. As needed to protect the edges of the frame, use strong adhesive tape to secure the packaging of artwork and frames. Don’t waste valuable time creating a beautiful and descriptive package. Safety should be your main focus in packing sensitive items for moving instead of affordability and beauty.
  4. If you pack extraordinarily beautiful pictures or valuable photos, you can use an additional layer of bubble wrap to protect the original packing paper and increase safety in the truck. Make sure that the plastic edges of the bubble are also securely fastened with the adhesive tape.
  5. Then it’s time to move the hardened packing to the appropriate moving box.
  6. If you use special boxes for pictures, you can easily place and prepare your paintings and frames for loading and furniture inside these boxes. If you don’t have these special boxes, you can remove several standard pieces of cardboard and place them around photo frames, paintings and mirrors, and put them inside a moving box. In general, you need moving boxes for packing of pictures that are slightly larger than your pictures.  To prepare a moving box for packing, you can contact the Moving companies North Vancouver BC and buy these special cartons or other types of cartons from these companies.
  7. You need two boxes for carrying and moving sensitive items. Use one of the two boxes for the original packaging of your photo frame and painting, and place it on the floor for packing paper, a table, or any item that fits your packing needs. For the final and stronger cover on the wrapping paper, you can cover it with bubble wrap, as we said. Then, put the carton in another box.
  8. Before placing the first box in the second moving box, first cover the bottom of the second box with paper and soft things and then put the first box in it. Make sure that the box inside the second carton does not move at all, just as the picture frame inside the first box should not move. If the second carton has enough space, you can pack another frame or board in the same way. After you have covered the first packaged photo frame with wrapping paper or cloth, etc., you can put the second packaged frame on it and fill the empty space inside the packing carton in the same way.
  9. Carefully tight both sides of the box lid and secure it with tape. Use the adhesive tape roll generously around the bottom and top of the box to make sure all the lids of the box are closed and do not open in any way when moving.
  10. When you have packed the box and the carton, put labels on moving boxes, and this labeling is better to be done on both sides of boxes. Marking the exact contents of the moving boxes of, and a breakable label as a reminder to anyone carrying the delicate furniture at any given time is very important. If you want, you can even write fragile and sensitive instructions with a red marker.

Moving companies North Vancouver BC and how to pack and carry fragile furniture in shipping and furniture

It’s an undeniable fact that your fragile home appliances such as ;

  • Crystal dishes
  • Kitchenware
  • Old items (antiques)
  • Electronic equipment
  • Fine art, mirrors, lights
  • Musical instruments and so on

They may be damaged during moving, loading and unloading, if the required safety precautions are not taken when packing them.

It can be very frustrating to see a broken device after loading and unloading.

And the fatigue of moving furniture and moving furniture will remain with us.

Packing sensitive items with normal value

Moving companies North Vancouver BC always says that correct packing should not be too expensive. With this in mind, it is important to follow all the safety precautions required for a cargo and home furnishings. However, how to protect clothes and books for carrying and moving furniture and moving furniture is very different from the very fragile and sensitive items of your home, because basically how to pack these devices is completely different.

We as one of the reliable Moving companies North Vancouver BC provide you with some tips to help you:

  • Throw away fragile items you don’t need

Knowing how to quickly pack breakable items is a big advantage. The first question you need to ask yourself is, do you need this tool? And do you want to use it?

  • Make a detailed list of your home appliances.

Classify your list to delicate and fragile items. When you’re ready, look carefully at the list, decide which one is right for you and which one is better to get off your to-do list?

Experts of Moving companies North Vancouver BC recommend that you do not pay for shipping and handling items that have not been used for more than a year, and depending on the circumstances, you can use it.

  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Or throw away.

Moving companies North Vancouver BC and how to arrange the boxes in the truck

The last point after packing the sensitive items is to put the packed boxes containing fragile items, including pictures, inside the truck. Note that nothing should be placed on these boxes when put up these boxes in the moving truck because it will put pressure on the contents of the packing box.

Put the moving plastic boxes in a safe and secure place for trucks and furniture and make sure nothing suddenly falls on these boxes. Also, these cartons should not have any movement in the truck.

Fasten these cartons in place so that they do not move due to impact and shaking.

Based on the experience Moving companies North Vancouver BC these boxes containing the fragile items should be placed in the coolest part of the truck and furniture. To avoid shaking the empty space between the furniture inside the truck, fill or fill it with soft blankets.

We as one of the professional Moving companies North Vancouver BC provide you with full moving services including local move, long-distance moves office moves and residential moves.