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Moving companies Coquitlam BC considers sofas relocation as important part of house or apartment moving. Moving companies Coquitlam BC agrees with you that moving  is usually a difficult issue, and it will be more difficult without hiring of reliable moving companies Coquitlam BC. If you are brave enough and want to move your own belongings, join us. In this article we s one of the best moving companies Coquitlam BC  teach you how to pack and move large and heavy furniture, such as a sofa. Of course, the best way to move a sofa is to use the services of experienced moving companies Coquitlam BC, but if you have other plans in mind, you should definitely be aware of the necessary guidelines for moving the sofa in the best possible way.

How to move a sofa?

Keep reading, you will find helpful information.

What to do before moving the sofa?

We as professional moving companies Coquitlam BC provide you with tips for moving a sofa start with a simple task that you must do:

Preliminary evaluation

The purpose of the initial assessment is to decide whether or not to move the sofa to your new home. Just think about whether it’s worth the time and money to pack and move a large and heavy sofa, the cost of moving a sofa between two houses on the one hand and the difficulties of doing so on the other, or the use of moving companies Coquitlam BC services. Will bus and freight be justified or not?

To understand this, consider the following criteria:

Spiritual value:

If you have a lot of memories of your furniture and have had good days with it and would like to continue using it, you can take it to your new home.

Monetary value:

What is the price of furniture?

Is it a regular sofa or an antique sofa that has a lot of value and price?

Current status of the sofa:

If your couch is too old or too worn or almost broken, then the cost of moving it to your new home or apartment may be much higher than the cost of buying a new sofa.

You need to decide if your furniture is really worth moving, but before packing and moving the sofa comfortably, you still have a few good options:

  • Give it to friends or family
  • Donate it to charity
  • Or try selling it to help with your budget and furniture.

Moving heavy equipment without the help of professional moving companies Coquitlam BC can be relatively risky, but it can end well if you follow all safety precautions. One of your top priorities when moving a sofa is to ensure safety in all areas. Once you’ve taken the necessary safety precautions, moving will be much easier and safer to you. Get the right equipment. One of the reasons professional moving companies Coquitlam BC are so efficient is that they use the right moving equipment and supplies. This only helps them work faster without compromising the safety of their work..

Equipment you need to move a comfortable sofa:

4wheel Dollies:

4wheel Dollies are simple pieces of moving equipment that, when placed under the sofa base, friction between the furniture and the floor of the house, will be minimized.

With a dolly, you’ll soon realize that you don’t have to push the sofa. The sofa simply moves to the floor. It’s a good idea to pack up comfortably before moving the sofa to make it easier to move.

Sufficient manpower:

This is very important in preparing you for a comfortable sofa moving, because if you can’t find a few good friends to help lift, carry and load the sofa in the truck and furniture, you can’t do it. Come on. The auxiliary force will also help you to unload the furniture from the truck and take it into the new house. The point is, you can’t move heavy loads alone.

Appropriate packing supplies:

Below you can find more information on how to protect the sofa while moving, but before using these sofa packaging tips, you will definitely need the right packing materials. Make sure you have enough blankets on hand – you can buy them from local moving companies Coquitlam BC. A bubble wrap roll and a stretch wrapping roll will also be very helpful, as will a packing tape and a few sheets of cardboard.

Easily packing and moving of the sofa

Before you can take your big furniture out of the house, you should definitely keep it in the process of moving your furniture.

Moving companies Coquitlam BC suggests you to follow the steps below to cover the sofa when moving a comfortable sofa in furniture:

Dismantle any items you can separate from your furniture before packing so you can do it more easily and pack the furniture more securely. Also check the size of the entrance doors to make sure your furniture is compact enough to get out of all the doors and hallways, remove the furniture legs, as well as other detachable parts such as:

  • Categories
  • Cushions
  • And so on.
  • Keep all screws and other elements in a safe place.

Get help from a friend if you’re not sure how to pack professionally.

Protect the comfort of the sofa

It is important to know how to protect a sofa while moving, because it basically means that you pack it on one side and then carry it and load it into the truck.

What is the best way to cover a sofa?

Use shrink wrap

 Protective blankets are essential to cover all parts of the sofa that are not detachable.

Using bubble wrap to protect each piece of sofa is something you need to do.

 Use cardboard pieces to protect the corners of the sofa.

Cover the entire length of the furniture in the blanket.

Carrying a comfortable sofa with a dolly

The easiest way to move a sofa is to use a 4-wheel metal tool that is used to carry large, heavy parts into a truck. The good news is that these wheels are made of good plastic and can be easily replaced by a comfortable sofa.

Follow the steps below to use the wheel to move the sofa comfortably

Step 1: Prepare the sofa with a suitable package.

Step2. With the help of your friends, lift the sofa off the floor and put it on the freight wheel.

Step3. Using a rope or strap, hold the heavy sofa in place.

Step4. Gently push the dolly to steer it out of the stairs and floors. Watch out for narrow doors and hallways.

Step 5: If you can’t use the dolly, use the elevator if possible

And if your exit route includes different steps

Contact professional moving companies Coquitlam BC to move your sofa.

Step 6: Load your sofa into the truck with a sloping surface.

Make sure that you eliminate any possibility of movement during displacement, especially if the moving distance is long.

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