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movers in vancouver : Hiring the best movers definitely help you move your home efficiently and makes it easier to. Of course, not all movers are the same, and the types of services they offer are different. Therefore, it is recommended that you get some information about the duties of movers and what moving services you should receive at the cost you incur.

Here we are going to describe the duties and responsibilities of reliable movers.

Movers’ Duties

Movers provide appropriate advice on how to have a stress-free move

Movers are obliged to provide you with all the necessary information about the moving process and explain to you all the requirements related to your move. You can read this information and description below.

• Accurate moving costs announcement: Movers are obliged to inform you about the exact amount of moving costs according to your belongings and the items that are to be moved. They are also responsible for informing you of the variable and side costs so that you know exactly how much you have to pay at the end of move.

• Advice for determining the right moving day and time for your move: Choosing the appropriate moving day and time for your move plays an important role in reducing the moving costs of. Based on their experience in this field, professional movers can give you good advice to determine the best moving time. A reliable movers considers things like rush hours, workers’ energy during the day (usually more power in the early hours of the day) and., movers suggest you the best time to move. They can also offer you the right day of moving furniture (due to the busy weekend, usually mid-week is a good time for moving).

Movers will help you in choosing of most convenient moving trucks: experienced movers should offer you the most suitable moving truck for your move according to the volume and weight of your assets. Each moving truck has different features that should be selected according to your items. The most suitable moving truck for your assets and furniture is a metal roofed truck whose cabin wall is covered with carpet or other insulating materials.

• Advice about the number of movers required: Choosing the right number of movers plays a crucial role in the speed of move and therefore your moving costs. Based on the amount of your assets and the number of floors that need to be moved, the moving companies recommend you how many movers you will need. Using an insufficient number of movers increases the moving time, and due to paying hourly to movers, you have to pay more to the movers. Also, due to overwork of movers (high pressure due to lack of sufficient movers), your belongings may be damaged during the move

Professional movers are punctual

If you are intending to move, be sure to plan ahead. For example, take time off the work and ask your friends and acquaintances to help you. Therefore, it is very important for you to move your belongings on time, and delaying it will ruin your plans. The professional movers are obliged to send their crew to the desired location on time and without delay.

Safe and secure move

It is definitely important for you to keep your home furniture healthy and free of the slightest breakage, dents or any damage to your new home. There have been many cases of home appliances being damaged during relocation. The movers are committed to keeping your assets safe and preventing other hazards, including theft.

Professional movers charge their customers according to the previous agreement

The movers are obliged to receive the same initial amount that it announced to you at the time of settlement. They are not entitled to any additional fees.

The moving companies uses specialized and experiences movers

Professional and expert movers can move your assets and furniture safely and securely. They are trained and have years of experience in this field. The moving companies are obliged to use these professional and experienced movers for your move.

They are also professional and highly-Skilled in packing home appliances, disassembling and reassembling of beds, and etc. Actually, these services are provided at the request of customers.

Professional movers follow the business ethics

Professional movers are obliged to follow the principles and ethics of professional work. Sometimes it is seen that due to the hourly cost of move, the wasting of time is intentional. Measures such as delayed departure, crossing busy areas, delays in loading and unloading will cost the customer more. A reliable mover is committed to moving furniture in the shortest possible time while being safe.

Reliable movers consider it their duty to do all this. Before choosing your desired movers, be sure to check it with the help of friends and acquaintances or with research and inquiries in various places (such as the Internet). Of course, it is recommended that you also read the moving contract section to be aware of your duties and obligations.

You can have all of these things together using the Vancouver Super Moving Company. that’s mean:

• Booking day and time of your move

• Select the type of truck

• Determine the number of movers you need

• Calculate moving costs

• View the truck on the map online

After booking your move, our colleagues will contact you immediately using the application and provide you with the necessary advice and explanations. Vancouver Super Moving Company also uses experienced movers to guarantee you a safe move.

Finally, Vancouver Super Moving Company always considers honest service to customers as one of its duties and always steps in the direction of customer satisfaction. You can safely leave your moving services to Vancouver Super Moving Company and experience a completely easy and different move.

Movers of moving companies

Does anyone have the ability to carry furniture? What specialties are required in furniture? What are the benefits of using a specialist as a mover? How many skilled movers are needed for your move?

These questions may arise for those who are planning to move. In this article, we intend to answer these questions. After reading this article, you will get useful information about the movers.

Does anyone have the ability to be a mover?

. Carrying furniture (especially heavy items) requires high physical ability and not everyone can do it. Now the question is, can anyone with a high level of physical fitness to be a mover? The answer to this question is no.

Carrying home furniture is a delicate task, and a mover, in addition to high physical strength, must have sufficient accuracy and speed. Home furniture should be free of scratches, dents, breakage and so on. Carrying and using non-specialist movers may damage your home appliances.

What are the specialties of the movers?

• A professional mover has the ability to move household items simultaneously with complete safety and high speed.

• Performs home appliance packing professionally.

• Furniture is dominant in technical matters. That is, it has the ability to disassemble and reassemble the bed, and so on.

• Well arrangement of furniture in the truck in a principled and correct way. (First heavier items and then lighter furniture)

What are the benefits of using experienced movers?

 The use of specialized movers will bring benefits to those who intend to relocate. Its first advantage is the experience of a comfortable move. Carrying home furniture on the floors of a building is very difficult and tedious. Also, carrying heavy items can cause serious injuries (due to unfamiliarity with the principles of cargo transportation) to your spine, knees, and neck vertebrae. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

The second advantage is speeding up your move. With its high power and experience, the movers can move your home furniture with high speed, but with high safety. As a result, your moving time and cost will be significantly reduced.

Another advantage of using professional movers is safety of your move. They carefully move your home appliances. Of course, for more safety, it is recommended that you pack your furniture to minimize the risk of damage to your home items.

How many specialized movers are needed for your move?

The number of movers required for your move depends on several factors. One of these factors is the amount of assets and furniture you have. Using the sufficient number of movers will speed up your move.

Another factor that affects the number of movers needed for your move is the number of floors in which the furniture is to be moved. It is clear that more floors need more movers, because the movers have a limited ability and will eventually get tired and tiredness affects the accuracy of their work, as a result, the probability of error and damage to your home appliances increases. Our advice is to choose the first hours of the day for your move, given the high mental and physical ability of the movers.

In the end, you realize how much the presence of professional movers makes your move easier. Vancouver Super Moving Company, like other moving companies, does not take a simple look at the movers. In our rules, we consider this job to be respectable and highly specialized, and we will not attract anyone to do so.

Vancouver Super Moving Company, with its professional and experienced movers, is ready to serve you dear customers and make your move as easy as possible. Vancouver Super Moving Company‘s gift to you is a stress-free move.

Best movers in Vancouver BC

Which are the best movers in Vancouver BC? Choosing good movers is always one of the challenges of moving services in this city. It is not difficult to identify the best mover among the many movers that provide moving services.

If you are going to select among the best movers in Vancouver BC you must be do it with great care and obsession. Making the wrong choice of movers will increase your moving costs. In this article we will help you choose one of the best movers.

Friends help you to choose the best movers

The easiest thing to do is to use friends’ experience that have already done move, and they are your best advisors. You’ve always used the experience of others to choose a restaurant, because your health and that of your family is paramount. Of course, it is very clear that the health of your belongings is important to you. So it is better to get help from friends.

Of course, that’s not all. You asked your friend about the best movers for moving; shouldn’t you think about it yourself,? Is your budget and that of your friend the same? Do you have the same volume you liked?

In the first question, ask your friend about the weaknesses and strengths of mover and use them in choosing the best movers.

A tool for comparing the best movers

Maybe you are one of those people who, after consulting with friends, do not have the patience to prepare a list of the best movers. How do you compare movers that take less time? The best and most accessible tool for this is the use of the Internet. Using the Internet reduces your costs and time compared.

Price of the best movers

 One of the most important factors in choosing the best movers is price. You need to pay attention to this point; just as the lowest price is not the best option; the highest price is not the highest quality movers. But you have to look for a reasonable price. Movers may use low-quality items to pack your stuff to lower the price of move, so the cost of moving services of the Vancouver Movers must be commensurate with its quality. Here are some things to look for when selecting yours:

• Moving trucks and experienced drivers: moving trucks are one of the most important equipment used in your move. The choice of moving truck must be intelligent and according to the volume and size of the load. Making the wrong choice of truck can increase the hassle of moving your belongings.

• Choosing the shortest route to reduce moving time: In a crowded city like Vancouver, using shorter and more secluded routes can have a big impact on reducing moving time.

• High quality packing supplies: Using quality material to ensure the safety of your assets is guaranteed.

• Experienced and proficient in the technical issues of moving: Skills such as packing home appliances, disassembling and reassembling of the beds, etc., which require expertise and professional movers.

Full moving services

One of the features of the best Vancouver movers is the provision of zero to one hundred moving services. A good mover is committed to be with you at all stages of move. Examining the following will help you to choose the best movers in Vancouver

• Service in all areas of Vancouver: best movers provide moving service in all areas of Vancouver BC. It doesn’t matter where you are in Vancouver, they should be ready to serve you in the shortest possible time wherever you are. Using the online moving quote, like Snap, you can specify your current and destination address, and after a short time, the requested crew will be sent to the desired location.

• Proper service speed: The cost of your move is calculated on an hourly basis, so the faster the movers provide moving services; your moving costs will be reduced. Unfortunately, some movers have reportedly deliberately increased the time it takes to increase customer payments. So reliable movers will pack and transport your furniture with high speed and safety.

• Provide services at different times of the day: You may be planning your move at certain days and times. So the movers you want should be able to provide moving services at different times of the day. Vancouver Super Moving Company as one of the local Vancouver Movers is available 24/7.

• using of skilled and experienced movers: moving is a sensitive task and a mover, in addition to high physical strength, must also have sufficient accuracy and speed. Move should be free of scratches, dents, breakage and so on. Carrying and using non-specialist movers may damage your home appliances. The best moving companies in Vancouver BC have professional movers.

• Provide packing services: Your stuff must be packed before moving. Packing prevents damage to your furniture during relocation. The best Vancouver Movers pack your items in a completely principled and professional way.

Responsibility: One of the good features of furniture for movers is observing the principles of customer orientation. They are always interacting with their customers to meet their needs at any time. Vancouver movers provide all the required information (price list, side costs, etc.) to their customers and provide all the necessary items for easy and hassle-free move.

Choosing reliable movers has a great importance. Of course, anyone who wants to move furniture and move their belongings from one place to another home need to hire movers to reaching this purpose, but the important point here is which movers should you get help for this?

Numerous movers claim to provide moving services in Vancouver BC, but it should be noted which ones are of better quality and, in other words, provide better moving service to their customers. For this purpose, we would like to introduce you some key points for choosing a reliable movers, and in this way, if you intend to book movers, you can read these cases and consider the point to decide which mover to choose:

– Having a license:

The first issue for selecting movers is to ask the employees of that moving company whether they licensed or not. Movers that have the necessary licenses have the following conditions:

Movers are fully responsible to their customers and insure their assets. • In case of damage to their belongings (during packing or moving), movers must compensate the damages. • Movers offer moving services to their customers in all Vancouver BC and Lower Mainland and its suburbs during of the year. • Movers charge their customers based on reasonable rates • Movers use suitable moving trucks with sufficient space as well as standard equipment and supplies for packing.

Therefore, having a license is a way to measure the credibility of Vancouver Movers. Some movers may claim that they provide moving services despite not having any licenses, but the quality of service of such collections cannot be assured.

– Having different branches:

Another criterion of credibility of Vancouver movers is having branches in different areas of Vancouver, because Vancouver, due to its large size and population, needs to have different branches to better serve the people. For example, if you live in Burnaby, it is better to do research first, which reputable movers provide moving services in Burnaby?

Certainly, movers that have not provided proper moving  services cannot grow and have not  different branches in Vancouver BC.

– Provide appropriate advice and guidance:

One of the characteristics of reputable movers is that when you have a question about moving services or other items and you contact them, they should provide you with the necessary guidance as much as possible. For example, in the case of packing, the purchase of moving boxes, or other items, if there is anything ambiguous or worrisome about the customer, these movers should guide their customers during the telephone consultation.

– Affordable moving prices:

One of the tricks of some people is that they announce that they will provide you with the cheapest prices for your move. We advise you not to be fooled by such people and be sure to investigate before you leave your belongings to them. Remember that if you trust such people, your belongings may be damaged, lost, or stolen, and the members of that group may not take any responsibility, and may even cause you irreparable financial damage. Remember, according to the ancients, “No cheapness is without reason.”

But on the other hand, some movers may offer very high rates and prices, and when you object to them, they may respond because of the high quality of service and credit and the high history of the company! If high moving costs of does not in any way reflect the company’s high credibility, and in fact the reputable movers that have received a license from the union, one of their obligations is that the prices they calculate and announce to their customers should be based on the official rates of packing services, cargo transportation in Vancouver BC or cargo transportation to the city, cars and other items that the union has announced.

– Packing quality:

Another sign of movers’ credibility and professionalism in moving services is the quality of packing services. Using home appliance packing tips as well as important business and office packing tips can help increase the quality of packing and thus increase the speed and safety of move.

Especially the packing of heavy items, as well as sensitive and fragile packaging that requires more precision and elegance. For this purpose, the use of standard moving supplies such as stretch rap, Babylon rap, new and durable multi-layered moving boxes is very important, as well as the skills of movers and staff of moving companies .

Dealing with criticism and negative comments about Movers when choosing them

As one of the Vancouver movers, we admit that we sometimes receive bad reviews. If movers tell you they never get a complaint, I’m really impressed (and a little suspicious …). Moving is always associated with risk; let’s think about it, the types and varieties of different stuff must be moved during a move, some of which are heavy, bulky or fragile. They also need to be moved from houses and buildings that are never exactly the same, with different doors, corridors, different obstacles and many challenges every day.

This is done in a variety of climatic conditions, from summer heat to deep winter cold.

Sometimes in the winter we have to use salt to help clear the snow.

Another issue is that movers use humans to provide moving and packing services that these people can also make mistakes, get tired, or have any other problems, and all of this is right. It is done when customers are affected by difficult moving conditions and the smallest thing may make them upset and angry. (Because carrying and moving household items is one of the three most stressful things in life). Accidents can always happen even when we have managed everything and have great ideas to move on.

So we, as a mover, admit that sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes one of our movers makes a mistake, sometimes it happens to our customers that all the planning of the company is in chaos, and in fact, the furniture is so difficult to reassemble and It can lead to a complaint or a bad review on the Internet by the customer and when this happens:

We believe that the most important thing is to see

What has happened?

What do we need to do to fix it?

Or stop it?

How to evaluate movers with negative reviews

So, when you evaluate movers and face some bad reviews moving services of movers, here are some tips on how to read and evaluate these reviews and opinions in order to make the final decision in choosing best movers.

When a mistake is made, how does the mover solve it?

How do movers respond to online reviews and comments?

Does movers’ response change your perception of bad criticism?

Were movers controversial and made everything worse?

Were movers responsible and provided a solution to the problem?

Did movers have a good attitude?

Did movers disclose personal and confidential information to customers for their acquittal?

Do movers consider complaining to be the right of the customer or not?

What happens if the worst thing happens after choosing the right mover?

Evaluate the movers in terms of tracking errors

Sometimes movers may not be able to conduct online surveys (not all movers websites allow customers to file a complaint), but if they can, use the above questions to feel more comfortable choosing a mover.

How does a mover react if something bad happens?

Does the mover insure your assets so that you can receive your compensation if something breaks?

Do movers have a complaint process through which you can pursue your complaint?

Is the mover you want valid and affiliated with the union?

So that in case of any problems and mistakes, you can take your complaint to a legal authority and solve it?

How do movers learn from their mistakes?

As we said before, everyone makes mistakes, and that’s perfectly true.

But the mistakes that are repeated over and over again for different customers of a mover are not true at all.

We need to learn from them and do everything we can to prevent this from happening again.

In fact, a good feature of a mover is to learn from its past mistakes.

And this mistake will not happen for the second time for the next customer.

As a customer, you can check out reviews.

And see if a mover has repeated its mistakes

Or you can find several complaints for the same problem or common defect.

The same and repeated complaints show that the move was insignificant due to its problems and shortcomings

And mover has made no effort to fix them.

And that could be a negative score for a mover.

Check for repeated mistakes

One of the things movers needs to do about their negative reviews is to get more information about them and find any flaws and problems to solve, and by fixing it, do not allow their personnel to repeat that mistake. if need to reprimand or even fire personnel or repair and replace equipment, be sure do that so as soon as possible. The company’s follow-up on its mistakes is one of the points that you, the customers, can pay attention to when choosing a mover.

Is a bad review important to you?

We are all different. A bad experience for a person may not be a bad experience for you. Regarding negative customer reviews, it should be said that most of these reviews are emotional and the customer does this when he is in the worst emotional and emotional conditions, but this does not justify the movers to make mistakes.

Movers can also have a negative rating by customers, but movers also have positive reviews, and you just can’t see their bad reviews

Instead, to better evaluate movers, it is better to study both positive and negative opinions about the movers. If you have any reason to be concerned about mistakes being made by your mover, you can share it with the mover and get advice from them. Ask them what actions they can take to address this problem and guide you in the right direction and help you with the right moving advice. Today, almost all movers have a website and survey form, and customers can express their opinion online if they have positive or negative opinions.

Five of the worst issues about movers

It’s exciting to think of a new home.

But you should also know that the stress of moving furniture from one place to another is just as stressful, especially if you have expensive items and assets that you are very worried about moving.

You may also need:

• Move large and heavy safes

• Move the billiard table

• Carry a conference table

This is where you get the idea of ​​hiring movers. The choice of right movers is very important. To choose a mover, you go to the online survey section and see the customer’s dissatisfaction and objections. Negative feedback does not always indicate that the movers are bad, but it is wise to study these grievances carefully and learn from them so that they do not happen again.

Don’t get caught up in cheap prices

While some movers are very cheap and they claim that they offer their services at a much lower price than other movers. You have to be very careful to compare the movers’ prices, and if one mover is much lower than the others, don’t doubt that a scam is happening, because it is possible that the staff of these movers is very unprofessional and their moving services are not suitable for you.

Unprofessional movers can do a lot of damage to your stuff and ruin your property. While low prices and cheap moving services may be tempting, you have to keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for, and you need to pay more attention to the services they provide you with.

Take pictures of items before packing

In order to be able to prove any damage to your property during transportation by movers, you must have proofs, the best thing to do is to take pictures of your stuff before moving it, and do the same after the move is completed. These photos must be approved by the mover so that there is no claim that the photos are fake or unreal. One lesson you can learn from this is to register your property before moving.

So take a picture before you pack them.

Take a photo of the truck driver to prove the photos are correct.

Specify the type of moving services requested

Sometimes movers encourage customers to use expensive and special services in order to get more money, while there is no need for the customer to use them at all. For example, a customer can move his belongings with a normal package and does not need to use special packaging that is used in packing sensitive items, but the mover encourages you to use special packaging to get more money. Also, the mover should estimate the amount, volume and weight of your furniture by examining it and based on it:

• Number of movers

• Types of moving boxes for packing

Specify the estimated time to move

And offer a specific price for your services.

Many movers offer a very low price at the beginning of the job to attract the customer, and at the end of the job, they offer him a long list of services that the customer does not care about at all, forcing him to pay. It costs more.

To avoid this, it is better to agree with the movers about your requested services.

Moving mistakes

You may lose both money and time when you make a mistake when it comes to hiring of movers. Certainty, It is not possible even if the moving services of the best movers in Vancouver, there will be no problems when using the services of Vancouver movers and packers, but there are possible problems.

The more you are aware of how to select the best movers in Vancouver; your moving costs will be minimized. So here are 30 mistakes you can make when choosing movers do moving so that you can avoid them in the best possible way by avoiding them:

1- Choosing the wrong time for your move

The decision to move and use moving services of Vancouver movers is an important and vital decision. So you need to take action when you have an accurate assessment of the current location and also prepare the new location in advance. Remember that either of these two, which are not properly prepared, can cause you trouble. Try to go through everything in your mind slowly and see whether the time has come to move the furniture and on the other hand, are you aware of Vancouver movers’ rates and can you cover the costs of using Vancouver movers? Especially if you are planning to move locally, you should be more careful in this regard.

2- You failed to allocate the necessary budget for your move

As you know, in order to move and carry furniture, you have to set aside a budget in advance. It is a big problem for you not to set aside a certain budget for your move. Now you may be wondering how to make sure we have enough money to move stuff? In this regard, you can ask movers about prices and moving costs.  

3- Not researching about movers

One of the mistakes that can cost you a lot of money is not researching for a Vancouver mover. By hiring of reliable movers you will be able to get best moving services with the best price. In this regard, in addition to researching the moving costs in Vancouver BC and the movers’ background, you can also pay attention to the stars that users and former customers have given to them. The views of former users and customers of these movers can give you a good view in this regard.

Vancouver Super Moving Company is one of the most experienced movers that provide moving services in Vancouver BC locally and long with high quality services and fair costs.

4- The idea that none of the Vancouver movers provide proper moving services

This misconception can be a nuisance for you and can be confusing. Reliable movers try to use professional and experienced personnel to carefully pack the furniture, company or institution and office stuff and move it to the new location as soon as possible. Remember that customer orientation force them pay attention to the reputation and popularity themselves. So don’t worry about it.

5- Hiding some items and stuff from movers:

Some people mistakenly think that the smaller the number of items, the lower moving costs. If you notice that this only doubles your problems. For example, on the promised day, instead of a 5 tons truck, a 3 tons truck may be sent to you by the Vancouver movers, if there is not enough space in the back of this truck to move your furniture, this will waste time and money. The side effects increase.

6- In terms of costs, do not just rely on phone call

Some movers in Vancouver BC may be slightly different from the original costs in the phone call they announce you. For example, your equipment and supplies are more or less than what you have announced or forgotten to say that your destination is outside of Vancouver, in this case, the prices and costs will certainly be different.

7- Contact the first movers you have seen their Ad

It’s a good idea to call a few movers and call at least four or five movers and ask them about the details of their performance (number of movers, moving costs, supplies used for packing and transportation). Do not limit yourself to two or three Vancouver movers.

8- Not checking the insurance for belongings:

Although Vancouver movers insure your equipment and furniture while carrying cargo and furniture, it is better for you to be a leader in this field and think about the insurance issue in advance, especially if you have valuables assets in home.

9- Deliver valuables assets to movers

No matter how familiar you are with Vancouver movers or how confident they are in how they work and how well they work, it’s a good idea to keep your valuables stuff with yourself.  Remember that moving day is a day when both you and the movers are all very busy, and if you are not careful, your belongings may be moved to a place you do not expect. For example, your jewelry may be mistakenly left in old home or corner of the living room instead of the bedroom in the new home, making it possible to get lost in the new home.

10- Forgetting to install utilities:

Imagine that you have entered a new house and you want to turn on the lights but there is no electricity or after finishing the move you want to take a hot shower to get rid of the tiredness from your body, but you see that there is no hot water! It’s a good idea to pay close attention to all of these things before the move and prepare the house properly before the move.

11- Move in high seasons

It is usually said that summer is the busiest season of the year for Vancouver movers. So on summer days, when a lot of people usually move to a new home, especially on weekends. It is the peak of work for movers. So, if you want to move in such a period, be sure to coordinate with the desired movers two week before.

12- Packing without predetermined plan

Starting to pack your belongings without proper planning is not a good idea. If you want to pack furniture and stuff yourself without using the help of Vancouver movers, be sure to consider a plan for yourself before doing it. Keep in mind that time is an important factor in your moving costs.

13- Incorrect lifting moving boxes:

One of the important issues during the move is to follow moving principles. For example, remember that quick carrying of moving boxes is important to you; it does not mean that you ignore safety precautions. Wrong lifting of heavy moving boxes can cause serious damage to your spine. On the day of the move, try to get as many movers as possible to carry the heavy items. The movers are professional and experienced and pay attention to the labels on moving boxes when they want to lift them up.

14- Postpone the packing of stuff

One of the biggest mistakes people make when going to move is postponing the collection and packing of items. This mistake can lead to confusion and extreme tiredness on the day of move. It’s best to start packing as soon as possible, especially items that you don’t deal with or need every day, books, extra clothes, decorations, and etc.  Collect at least one or two weeks in advance.

15- Collect items without categorizing them

This mistake can be exacerbated during loading and unloading. This is one of the worst mistakes that people can make during move to the new home. Suppose that all the boxes are taken to the new house, what do you do now? You have to open dozens of boxes at the same time and take out the various items one by one and put them in a new place. This will not only waste your time and energy but also confuse you. It is best to categorize the items and put each one in a separate box.

16- Not providing enough moving boxes

One of the most important things to do when move to a new home is to provide enough moving boxeshttps://rentmovingbox.ca/. By doing this, you will not only ease yourself and your family’s worries, but also make the work of the movers of the desired moving company easier.

17- Ignoring the order of small and large moving boxes

There is an unwritten and interesting rule that you can do when packing your stuff and that is to put lighter items in large moving boxes and heavier items in small moving boxes. This helps movers to carry and move items as well as minimizing impact on objects the moving boxes.

18- Quick collection and packing of stuff on the move day

Are you one of those people who wake up early in the morning on the day of moving and quickly start collecting supplies and packages containing household items? If so, it’s a good idea to change your plan. As mentioned above, it is better to follow a precise plan and timing when packing, so that on the day when the mover of moving company, who you have already booked, come to your house, all the items is ready to be placed in the moving truck.

19- Do not fill the empty space inside moving boxes containing the fragile items

One of the important points when packing and carrying moving boxes containing fragile items is to fill in the gaps between them by using items such as foam and bubble wrap or even pieces of old clothes. Never let sensitive electrical appliances or glassware in the box shake when lifted. To do this, fill in the blanks inside the boxes as much as possible. Remember that the movers of moving Companies only carry your belongings to customer destination and cannot open and check each of your moving boxes to make sure that all of them are properly packed.

20- Not labeling

Another common mistake people make is not putting labels on the moving boxes or sticking a sticker to find out what the contents of the moving boxes are. Even if you have a strong memory, it’s still a good idea to write the contents of each boxes and even where they are supposed to be in a new location (for example, in the bedroom, living kitchen, or living room).

21- Not getting help

One of the mistakes some people make is thinking that they can afford to pack their own stuff. Of course, doing this by yourself can save you money, but remember that packing your belongings isn’t usually the job of one or two people. Rather, it is better to use services of professional mover.

22- The idea that moving by yourself is cheaper and therefore better

Wanting to move without the need for a mover is a matter that largely depends on you and the number of your personal belongings. Usually, we strongly recommend that most individuals and families use the services Vancouver movers to move and transport their assets. In this way, they can easily deliver their stuff for packing and then safely transfer them to a new home by movers and experts with experience in this field. They can quickly pack your supplies and put them in the truck (pickup truck, truck or truck) and quickly disassemble and reassemble in the new location. This saves not only your time, but also your moving costs.