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Kelowna movers and Moving pets, we as one of the reliable Kelowna movers intend to give you some suggestions about how to move your pets. Our Kelowna movers are ready to transport your pets to the new home in the best possible way.

Kelowna movers and moving with pets

Moving is a stressful event.  Before packing and moving furniture you should have planning, Organizing and time.

Pet moving needs careful consideration and it only need one extra plan, but do not worry, Vancouver Super Moving Company as one the best Kelowna movers is at your service.

Our Kelowna movers provide you with comprehensive information about moving pets including of:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Hamster
  • Snakes
  • Birds
  • And other animals

Moving with a dog

Moving is a really exciting issue, although sometimes fatigue, chaos and sometimes stress comes with it.

If you are planning to move and carry cargo with your dog, then you should consider that your dogs are more than a pet … This is a clich√© that they say they are part of our family. Our Kelowna movers believe that we need to look at dogs and their needs when carrying home furniture.

However, we as one the best Kelowna movers suggest that there are certain things you should ask when choosing a home. In fact, reassure yourself and your family about the process of moving furniture with your dog to your new home. Our Kelowna movers are ready to help you move your cargo and your pet dog.

Kelowna movers and moving a cat

Moving with a cat can be a little bit difficult. …

We don’t really know cats. We just let them live with us and we work hard to get them to be respected. Despite our dissatisfaction, we love our cats, so cats don’t always come to the new location when moving furniture, and often go in search of their old homes. Our Kelowna movers are ready to move furniture with cats with high quality.

Kelowna movers and carrying rodents, rabbits and hamster

Cats and dogs need a lot of noise, and you need to play a psychological game with them during your move. However, rabbits, rodents and hamster require a thorough relocation. These pets feel safe when they are placed in a dark place.

Take them out of your homes or cages and put them in your boxes and empty your old house. Keep your belongings away from cages and animal boxes until you can put them in your yard in your new home because your furniture may smell.

Contact our Kelowna movers for shipping and carrying all kinds of animals.

Our Kelowna movers and moving with snakes

Based on experience of our Kelowna moving do not feed your snake for at least 48 hours before moving. Snakes can be placed on a pillow in a box with air holes and placed in the right place during the trip to protect them. Our professional Kelowna movers are ready to help you in moving snakes to the new house.

Transportation of fish by our Kelowna movers

Our Kelowna moving recommend you use two bags so that the fish do not die. Try to direct the air into the bag (without blowing) as much as possible. Keep the fish in a dark place to reduce their stress.

Return your fish to their habitat in the new home, as they originally lived. To transport pets, including fish, as well as residential and commercial moves in Kelowna, contact us our Kelowna moving.

Our Kelowna movers’ suggestions on how to move birds

Birds must be transported in their own cages and transferred to a new home.

On long trips or hot days, a water bottle can be useful for birds to take a shower. If possible, keep your bird in the same place as the old one in the new home, and place their toys, food, and water in it so that the bird can get a little more familiar with the new environment.

Remember that no one knows your pets as you know them.

Do what you feel is right for your pet and enjoy your new home with your favorite pet.

Kelowna movers are ready to help you in moving of birds.

House to house moves

If your new home is only a few streets away from your old home, your pet may enter some of the familiar smells that lead to returning to your old home when you leave the house. This means that they are not yet connected to their new home. In this case, all you can do is be patient and try to keep your pet safe.

It’s also a good idea to notice residents of your old home that your cat may go there and call you if this happens. If your pet returns to the old home, ask residents to avoid giving them food, thus encouraging them to return or stay there.

Moving Day

On a moving day, it may be a good idea to ask someone to take care of your pet to make sure it is in the right place. The doors may remain open and you don’t want him/her to come out or be surprised and get lost. If you give it to someone, make sure they are calm and confident during the day.

Our Kelowna local movers suggest that Just as you prepare a box for yourself to make your family’s essentials things available on the first night of moving furniture, do the same for your pet.

Make sure he still has his bowl.

If you are planning to move your pet, all you have to do is contact our Kelowna movers.

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