Can I move during the COVID-19 Outbreak
We are committed to follow the advice of the Canadian Public Health Agency and BC Centre for Disease Control.
We would like to inform you that we will continue our activities and adhere to our commitments because we know that some of you customers can not postpone your move, we will continue our normal operations so as long as there is no problem with continued activity by the relevant authorities. We are closely apply the recommendations of the British Columbia government and health authorities and will be reassessing the situation in a daily way.

For the comforts of our customers and protecting our crew, we at Vancouver Super Moving, regarding the situation of Corona virus, we have required all of our personnel to adhere strictly to personal hygiene and the ways to prevent the spread of Corona virus.
Training of moving staff to be aware of the corona virus and adhere to personal hygiene
In order to increase the level of awareness and having complete information about covid-19 disease and the ways of transmission of this virus, as well as methods to deal with the spread of the disease, a workshop is held for the staff.

The workforce and the transportation staff are equipped with masks, gloves and clean clothes, as well as the use of sanitizer and disinfected wipes during the move.
We strongly advice our personnel refrain unnecessary contacts (shaking hands) with each other and with customers.
We advise those of our staff who have symptoms of this disease or have been in contacts with those who have symptoms of this disease to stay at home, and we have provided incentives for this.
To keep safe our staff and other customers, if you are not feeling well, please let us know and postpone your move, we promise to serve you later. Let’s help each other to defeat this pandemic. We are optimism we will win.