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Burnaby Movers Know How to Move a Pool Table

If you own a pool table at home, one of the important items that Burnaby movers need to take care is moving of billiard table. It’s amazing to be able to play billiards at home, to relax after work, to have fun with friends during the day and to learn and practice this exciting game; you can use your pool table.

However, if the conditions force you to go to another house, you will certainly not be very excited because you have to move the billiard table, which will increase the possibility of damaging it and will cost a lot of money. Moving the pool table can be very dangerous. Also, its packaging and transportation is a very specialized task. Burnaby movers have the knowledge and experience on how to move a pool table in a safe and professional table.  We as one of the reliable Burnaby Movers provide you with tips on how is the correct way of moving a billiard table.

Before moving pool table, you should know:

Before you can consider the best way to move a pool table, you need to be familiar with how to move a billiard table so that you can make the best decision for your valuable asset. One of the things that Burnaby movers ask you when moving pool table the size and type of table. Standard tables come in 7-foot, 8-foot, and 9-foot sizes. If you are unsure about the size of your billiard table, simply measure it. The weight of the table is also another important aspect. The exact weight depends on their size and then on the number of layers they are equipped with. For more information, you can get advice from Burnaby movers.

Burnaby Movers consider the Special conditions when moving pool table

Special conditions in the current home and at the destination home cause additional problems and affect the cost of moving the billiard table. Narrow corridors and doors, many stairs and narrow steps are among these special conditions. All of these conditions affect the cost of moving pool table. As one of the reliable Burnaby movers, we do our best to move your pool table with reasonable costs.

The costs of moving a pool table is interesting part

You should know that the cost of transferring and setting up a billiard table is calculated on a case-by-case basis, and that is when all of the above factors are taken into account. To get an approximate estimate of the average cost of moving a pool table, you can contact several Burnaby movers and ask them about the price. By hiring of reliable Burnaby movers you will understand they can pack your pool table better and safer.

Burnaby movers guide you how to move a billiard table by yourself

Now, before we talk about the exact steps of moving a pool table, let’s point out that if you want to move the billiard table for a short distance, you can do it yourself.  However, if you plan to move a pool table over long distances, you need to consider all the aspects and circumstances.

Steps to move billiard table

Step 1: Get help from 4-5 trusted friends

Step 2: Prepare the tools you need, including a set of screwdrivers, wrenches, a powerful drill, a blanket for protection, stretch wrap, and a packing tape to pack and move the pool table.

Step 3: If you keep the billiard table instruction, use it to safely dismantle it. If you do not have it, follow the steps below.

Step 4: disassemble the detachable table parts with the necessary tools. Use protective glasses when working with drills, etc.

Step 5: Using wrench, gently pull each rail down to pull it out

To protect the main structure of the table and put it in thick packaging blankets.

Continue the steps of moving the pool table

Step 6: Remember to put all the small items disassembled from the billiard table, such as bolts, etc., in a bags separately.

Step 7: Each standard billiard table has 4 corner jacks and 2 side compartments. Depending on the design of the billiard table, you can separate the extra pieces in different ways, pulling the scrolls off with a screwdriver.

Step 8: The hardest part of moving your billiard table by yourself is separating and protecting expensive plates.

The plates are usually screwed on, so use a power drill to separate them one by one.

Remember that these pages weigh a lot. Despite their high weight, these plates are relatively delicate and they can be easily damaged if they fall.

Step 9; Check the remaining structure of the table, including the bases, as well as any elements that are still attached to the table.

Step 10: How to move the billiard table

If you and your friends have completed this step without any incident, then you have done a really great job. Pack the table separation equipment and now it’s time to pack the main table structure. The only rule to follow is to pack the table with blankets, bubble wrap. Be generous in using of these packing supplies.

The final steps of moving the billiard table

Step 11; be careful when loading items separated from the billiard table into the moving truck. Remember not to forget to protect it everywhere.

Use sloping surfaces to move it into the truck.

Step 12; When you get to your new home, reopen your billiard table in the opposite direction.

If you are not sure how to do each of these steps to move the billiard table, it is better to contact one of the reliable Burnaby movers.